Which kind of vessel can I decorate?

Basically, any kind of hollow glass or ceramic vessel from 30 ml to 3000 ml!

Obviously we can decorate standard bottles, hollow glass in general but also candles glass.

In addition we rock difficult shapes like a Skull, Carafe or Barrel.

Do you have a minimum quantity?

In terms of mock-ups there is no minimum quantity, on the other hand in terms of production we start at 3000 pieces.

Can I print text in white or silver?

We cannot “technically” print white or silver with CMYK but we can print on a white or silver primer so that the desired effect is achieved.

Artwork, which kind of format should I send you?

We work on vectorial HD pdf, 300 dpi and with separate levels.

Can you match PANTONE or KURZ reference?

We can certainly match pantone and kurz references or a simple printed paper with your artwork on it.

Make sure you provide it together with the vessels before we start sampling phase.

How long does it take to create the first mock-ups?

It depends on a variety of factors: chosen primer, graphic options, colors to be tested and ultimately our staff workload.

Ideally sample can be done in as little as two days.

Can you help me source the right glass in Italy to minimize transport footprint?

Sure we can!

Italy is one of the biggest player in the Glass Industry, we will be happy to connect you with the right local glass makers and distributors.

Is the decorated bottle recyclable after use?

Yes bottle is fully recyclable after use.

Atiu decoration is certified and complies with implementation of the European directive 94/62/CE on packaging and packaging waste and following updates.

Can you do variable data printing ? Is there a limit to # of SKU ? 

Certainly! Not only we can do variable data printing but also there is no limit to #SKU.

Is there a primer or surface treatment process prior to application?

Prior to sublimation there is always a coating, even for clear looks.

We currently work with several painting lines that use different mix and methods.

Because of this during the years we learned how to obtain  maximum coat compatibility with sublimation.