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15 agosto 2023
Atiu Srl ha annunciato l'inizio della migrazione verso la sua nuova sede principale a Verona questo mese

An important change is on the horizon for Atiu Srl, which has announced the commencement of its migration to its new headquarters in Verona this month. The new facility, spanning an impressive 5000 square meters, represents a bold step towards a greener and more sustainable vision for the company, as well as a new phase of industrialization geared towards high volumes. The most prominent element of sustainability in the new headquarters is the installation of solar panels, which will significantly contribute to reducing the company’s environmental impact. This commitment clearly demonstrates Atiu’s determination to support a cleaner and more sustainable future.

But that’s not all: Atiu, already a zero-emission company, is also investing in cutting-edge machinery that will enhance efficiency and reduce energy consumption per product unit. This move will not only improve productivity, which will increase by a factor of x8 compared to the current production facility, but will also further contribute to environmental preservation.

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