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ATIU is a proprietary technology used to transfer HD graphics directly onto glass, overcoming design limits of classic glass decoration.

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The packaging industry is undergoing an epochal transition  on a global scale. Attention to plastic consumption and

related pollution is a daily concern for both consumers and  brands around the World, with consequences on regulatory  bodies and regional policies. Glass is a sustainable

response to the continuous acceleration of plastic usage.  On the other hand, when it comes decoration techniques,  glass doesn’t always provide the same flexibility.

ATIU respond to the market with a solution that provides a totally recyclable eye-catching glass packaging  that is washable, reusable, non-toxic.






Decoration Advantages

ATIU transfer system introduces an entirely new approach to glass decoration that is set to disrupt the packaging Industry reaching far beyond any other glass printing technology. 

Final product can be recycled, washed, re-used and re-blown

Ink-to-glass print; No plastic film or removable labels on the final bottle

Exceptional details, high definition graphics (up to 1200 dpi)

100% of PET used in production is recycled

Protect from UV light that can affect food & beverages quality

100% print area coverage from neck to bottom

Unlimited colors, no additional cost


Vessels of any size, shape or color in glass, ceramic and aluminum

Industrial process with a capacity of 50K+ pieces per day

Our Projects


Midnight Gin

Ripping Yarns

Ava & May Tulum

Faynt full collection

Bayside Gin

Royal Salute couture collection

The Company

A truly innovative Company
  • A breakthrough technology
  • Intellectual property covered by international patents
  • An R&D laboratory formulating solutions
  • An application and sampling laboratory
  • A design and development office for industrial equipment
  • A customer-oriented support team
  • Supply Chain expertise


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