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We capitalize on our experience at Xolid in order to offer an even the most efficient service to our ATIU customers.

Our Advanced transfer system introduces an entirely new approach to digital printing that is set to disrupt the packaging decoration market reaching far beyond any other printing technology. 

The two pillars of the technology are:

Industrial Application System

Innovative approach designed for high-speed, high-accuracy transfer to hollow containers

• Almost any speed and any number of simultaneous features

• Enables optimal output from each individual container

• Extremely high-resolution images and highly precise colour matching

Digitally printed consumables

A specially formulated family of consumables delivers high-quality printing and versatility

• Minimizes the trade-off between print quality and coverage efficiency, enabling highly versatile decoration

• Exceptionally vivid and intense colours with variable opacity

• Improved adhesion and other functional properties such as scratch- and heat-resistance

An innovation with many advantages

An Industrial Process
  • In-line advanced transfer
  • Limited set up cost
  • Reduced rejected parts
Flexible technology
  • Complex shapes from small to large sizes
  • Transfer on several types of materials 
  • Modular: In-line automatic or manual application
Green technology
  • Water-based solutions
  • Low energy consumption
  • reduced environmental footprint

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