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August 21, 2022
Atiu high-tech press raises 5 million in capital

A 5 million Euro capital increase for Xolid Srl, an innovative SME based in Sona, owner of the Atiu brand specialising in eco-friendly glass decoration for packaging. The company closed an Equity Crowdfunding round on CrowdFundMe, the platform listed on Euronext Growth Milan. The fund-raising campaign was led by lead investor Luca Pretto, flanked by other institutional and retail investors: according to Mf-Milano, they included Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, the fourth son of the eyewear king who passed away on 27 June. Founded by entrepreneurs Alessandro Volpato and Tito Trevisan, AtiĆ¹ has developed a proprietary technology for decorating bottles and containers by sublimating glass, ceramic, aluminium and other hard materials.

In 2021, ‘year 0’ of operations, the company generated revenues of 1.4 million Euro, with around 40 customers in the second half of the year: the fans of the technology mainly come from the Premium and Luxury segments, where packaging is an essential merchandising and brand communication tool. “Our research work of past years has been recognised and can now be expressed to the full,” says Trevisan. “Now we have the opportunity to grow at a different pace,” adds Volpato. “With the help of new finances, a pool of important investors and new employees”. The capital raised by Xolid – assisted by advisor Banor Sim – will be used to build a brand-new production line and increase productivity by setting up a new factory to meet ever-growing demand.

The goal, as reported on the CrowdFundMe platform, is to reach a production capacity of up to 6,000 pieces per hour, compared to the current figure of 500 in the experimental plant, and to increase revenues accordingly. Through this strategy, the company expects to implement major cost reductions and earn higher margins. “The 5 million raised by Xolid shows that Equity Crowdfunding can be a significant tool to facilitate capital raising for SMEs,” adds Tommaso Baldissera Pacchetti, CEO of CrowdFundMe. “I am enthusiastic about the idea, the product and the target market: the team is well prepared and very tightly knit, and I believe we can achieve excellent results in a short time,” Pretto concludes.

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