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March 6, 2024
Atiu: The Birth of a Name Inspired by Nature

In the frenetic world of business, the brightest ideas often find inspiration in the tranquility of nature. This was the case for Alessandro Volpato, partner since 2019 of the then Xolid Srl, when he decided to create a company intended to leave an indelible mark on the technological landscape. His mind, accustomed to riding the wave of the entrepreneurial world, was captivated by images of an “unspoiled island,” a “hidden gem” – concepts that fit well with the vision of a cutting-edge technology still hidden from the world.

From these suggestions, the name “Atiu” was born, a term that evokes the enchanted atmosphere of a remote island in the Cook Islands, famous for its pristine beauty. Atiu, which means “island of colorful birds,” is not just a name, but a declaration of intent: it represents a place of natural wonder, richness, and discovery.

But the inspiration didn’t stop at the name. The first logo of Atiu was conceived with unparalleled creative mastery: a gradient that embraces shades of yellow, blue, and green, capturing the vibrant essence of nature.

To complete the design, two wings at the sides of the logo, which evoke the silhouettes of two parrots looking at each other, convey a sense of connection and harmony. But that’s not all: these same wings recall the neck of a bottle, blending natural symbolism and industrial in a single extraordinary creation.

The logo and name of Atiu have propelled the company on a journey towards excellence, symbolizing innovation, curiosity, and the beauty of nature itself. However, like any great adventure, Atiu has decided to evolve. Recently, the company has undertaken a bold rebranding, embracing a minimalist look dominated by black. This new design reflects the elegance and modernity of Atiu, while maintaining a solid connection to its natural roots.

Atiu is much more than a company: it is a promise of discovery, beauty, and innovation. With its name inspired by nature and its distinctive design, Atiu is poised to leave an indelible mark in the technological world, demonstrating that the most brilliant ideas often originate in the simplicity and wonder of nature.

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