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May 30, 2024
ATIU Offsets 2023 Carbon Emissions: Our Commitment to the Environment and the Veneto Region

At ATIU, we firmly believe that industrial success goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility. We are proud to announce our commitment to offsetting our 2023 carbon emissions by supporting two local land reclamation and rehabilitation projects in the heart of Veneto: Valle Cà Pisani and Val Dogà.

Valle Cà Pisani: A Model of Innovation and Sustainability

Located below sea level near the Po Delta, Valle Cà Pisani is a fishing valley that exemplifies environmental sustainability. Through a system of channels and mobile gates, we ensure a continuous exchange of fresh and saltwater, essential for maintaining biological balance. This process not only preserves the local ecosystem but also maximizes CO2 capture by algae. Each year, during the summer, the algae absorb CO2, which is then stored on the seabed in winter, contributing to the generation of carbon credits. Our support for Valle Cà Pisani helps protect 5 animal species, 12 plant species, and 750 hectares of land.

Val Dogà: Sustainability in Action

Val Dogà, also a fishing valley located below sea level, uses mobile gates to ensure the necessary exchange of seawater. This promotes the reproduction of algae, which capture CO2 mainly during the summer seasons. In winter, the CO2 is permanently stored on the seabed. This annual cycle allows for the generation of carbon credits, significantly reducing our ecological footprint. ATIU’s support for Val Dogà safeguards 5 animal species, 8 plant species, and 1700 hectares of land.

Our Commitment to the Future

At ATIU, we are proud to actively contribute to the protection and restoration of the Veneto region’s natural environment. Our dedication to sustainability doesn’t stop here: we continue to explore new initiatives and technologies to reduce our environmental impact and give back to the land that provides for us.

These projects are a testament to our commitment to making a difference. Not only do we offset our carbon emissions, but we also promote biodiversity and the health of local ecosystems. Through these initiatives, we are building a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

ATIU: Innovation, Sustainability, and Environmental Responsibility.

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