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August 17, 2022
Del Vecchio and Lunelli bet on Atiu, both obtaining 3.13% of the capital

The fourth-born son of EssilorLuxottica founder Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio (pictured), who passed away on 27 June, is placing his bets on hi-tech decoration of glass and other rigid materials, underwriting a share in Verona-based company Atiu’s 5 million Euro capital increase.

Milano Finanza reports that following the transaction, the 27-year-old CEO of the Salmoiraghi & ViganĂ² chain will own 3.13% of the capital. But he is not the only investor: Matteo Lunelli, CEO of Cantine Ferrari and president of Fondazione Altagamma, an association of top Italian luxury brands, has also included the same number of shares in his portfolio. Lunelli participated in the Atiu transaction through Lunelli, the family’s holding company, of which he is CEO.

Atiu is a small innovative company with a turnover of almost 1.5 million, active in glass processing for packaging. According to the press note, the resources raised through an equity crowdfunding campaign on the CrowFundMe platform will be used to build a brand new production line and increase the company’s production capacity by establishing a new plant, also in the city of Verona.

New interests

After his August inheritance of a 12.5% take in Delfin, the safe of a family that controls over 28 billion Euro in shares, owning a 32% stake in EssilorLuxottica, 26% in Covivio, real estate, a 1.9% share in Unicredit and a 0.67% share in Webuild, as well as hot dossiers Mediobanca (19.5%) and Generali (9.9%), Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio did not remain idle.

At the end of March, as revealed by MF, Del Vecchio Jr. invested in food for the second time, setting up Lmdv Capital, a holding company with 100,000 Euro in capital. Together with his old partners in the Milanese start-up Triple Sea Food, he then changed the company’s name to Vesta, transferring the shares into a new limited liability company with a share capital of 10,000 Euro, which took over the name Triple Sea Food but expanded its corporate purpose. Del Vecchio Jr. then also set up two limited liability companies, Aurora Milano and Ciumbia, each worth 10,000 Euro, operating in all spheres of the hospitality business.

The advisors

Atiu was assisted by Banor as advisor.

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